Hospice gifted $100,000 from Saint Elizabeth

Saint Elizabeth is giving $100,000 to the Huron Perth Residential Hospice project. This generous gift will help support the opening of 10 new residential hospice beds in Huron and Perth Counties, where there is currently a gap in services. The funding will be used to hire an Executive Director who will guide the establishment of an innovative care model for small and rural communities.

“With two sites, one in Stratford and one in central Huron located near Clinton, there are many details to manage, and this funding will help ensure the development goes smoothly and that strong leadership is in place,” says Anne Fontana, chair of the Hospice Care Avon Maitland board.

The central Huron site plans to open in March 2018 and the Stratford site in December 2018. Both sites will provide residential hospice palliative care for people in their final days of life, as well as support services for extended family. The new beds are expected to serve up to 100 clients and their families each year.

Saint Elizabeth is a not-for-profit charitable organization that was founded by four nurses more than a century ago to provide care for those in need. The organization has since grown to become Canada’s largest social enterprise with over 8,000 employees nationwide, including about 350 in this region. Saint Elizabeth is known for its high-quality services, which include home care, seniors care, support for family caregivers, and hospice care.

Since 2015, Saint Elizabeth has provided millions of dollars to support the hospice care movement and improve access to end of life care for Canadians.

Photo Caption: Julie Adams (far right), Director of Hospice Programs & Partnerships, Saint Elizabeth Health Care met with representatives Anne Fontana, Andy Werner and Kathy O'Reilly( left to right) from Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice and Central Huron Residential Hospice to review plans for the 2 new hospices in Huron Perth and provide funding of $100,000 to support the hiring of an Executive Director to oversee the start up of the 2 hospices.