Working with Ontario Health Teams to improve local care



July 26th, 2019

Huron Perth and Area Health Care Providers Asked by the Province to Move Forward

In response to submitting a formal Self-Assessment to the government, over 50 independent healthcare organizations from across Huron Perth and area have been invited to complete a full application to be designated as an Ontario Health Team (OHT). The introduction of OHTs is a key piece of the ongoing healthcare reforms across the province. The formation of OHTs is intended to better integrate services around the patients, families and caregivers.

Over 150 self-assessments were received by the province as a result of this initial call for interest, with 31 submissions being invited to submit a full application. In correspondence received from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Deputy Minister, Helen Angus stated that “the team’s self-assessment submission demonstrated a strong commitment to all OHT model components and showed a high degree of readiness to complete a full application and potential to implement the OHT model.”

The Huron Perth & Area OHT represents a collaboration of many partners including Emergency Medical Services, Home Care and Community Support Services, Hospitals, Long-Term Care, Mental Health and Addictions, Midwifery Services, Palliative Care and Residential Hospices and Primary Care. This collaboration is possible in part due to the strong relationships that have been in place for years to serve the people of Huron Perth.

The partners have volunteered to work together with patients and caregivers to ensure the OHT is developed around the true needs of those using and providing services. Ultimately, all provincially funded health service providers will be expected to join Ontario Health Teams.

Initially, the emphasis will be placed on: defining shared governance accountabilities between the partners; including the important leadership role of clients, patient partners and residents; and identifying digital health opportunities that will make services more accessible and progressive. The team’s initial focus will be supporting individuals who have chronic conditions, those accessing palliative care supports and individuals of all ages in need of mental health and addiction services.

The deadline for submitting the completed application is October 9th. In advance of this, there will be significant discussion between the partners, frontline healthcare providers, and with patients, families, caregivers and community members from across the region aimed at ensuring that care and support are well connected, sustainable, and designed around the needs of the people using and working in the system.

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