Huron Residential Hospice Welcomes First Family

Huron Residential Hospice opened its doors, and its arms, to the first resident and their family for end-of-life care.

The hospice is a comfortable, bright, peaceful place offering hospice beds which are much needed in this region. But the hospice is more than just the beds, as it will eventually become a regional hub of for support services, grief and bereavement counselling, and palliative care outreach. It will build on the services already offered in the community and aims to bring it all under one roof. It is important to note that the hospice will not only support residents through their final days, but also support families.

The hospice was created from a recently renovated house, located on a rural stretch of highway between Goderich and Clinton. The hospice maintains a home-like feel, with comfortable couches, a fireplace, large windows with rolling landscapes, that allow families to feel at home, and find peace. Renovations were guided under the simple premise of ‘would I do this in my own home?’

Care at the hospice is free. But the hospice will rely on donations towards their operating budget because the government only provides partial funding for nursing care. To date, the hospice has raised nearly $1 million towards the capital campaign goal of $2.5 million.

The hospice thanks all community members who helped any way they could, big and small. Donations of money, time, skills, in-kind services, and physical labour have all demonstrated that we live in a compassionate community. Thank you to our community for stepping up to the challenge. Together, we have created a wonderful community resource.


“It’s a bittersweet moment to see the first family walk through the doors. It is a sad and difficult journey to lose a loved one, but it’s comforting to know that they will receive the best possible care and support that we can offer, in a place that feels like home.” – Kathy O'Reilly, Chair of Site Development Committee, Huron Hospice

“During the renovations, we received phone calls almost daily from someone in the community in need of a hospice bed. I know that was a powerful motivator for all the volunteers and work crews that helped with renovations. We are creating something to fulfill a need.” – Michele Field, Fundraising Administrative Lead, Huron Hospice

“We are incredibly thankful to our community for making this dream a reality. The donations of money, time, and hard work has created a place where families can gather and celebrate the last days of life together.” – Jay McFarlan, Huron Hospice Board Member