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Enhancing the Comfort, Dignity and Quality of Life
for Individuals with Life-Limiting Conditions
Hospice is a Concept of Care with a focus on Caring, not curing, Living not dying.
We help to support Quality of Life until the end. Hospice is all about






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“I am so glad that the volunteer could stay with my mother while I got some much needed rest. The volunteer helped to bring calmness when we were in a turmoil.”

“The volunteer was so gentle and kind, she brought a lot of comfort and hope to our family when we were going through the death of our father.”

“I am so glad to know that there are trained people out in our community to help us when we are going through a hard time.”



"I have always worked – and I mean literally WORKED – through my problems and losses. In 2003, I was working two part-time jobs, to utter exhaustion. My worried mother wanted me to take time for myself and I had to agree to make some positive changes in my life. I had started to implement some changes, taking time off, etc., and then my mom died.

Once again, I started working every possible shift, but the pain of loss would not go away. I took a vacation with family but the pain followed me. I returned to work with a vengeance and though I was coping; after all. I was strong, could do anything, and had already survived so much. It soon became clear I needed help. I could no longer focus on my responsibilities, I made mistakes, I couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t sleep.

My doctor suggested I take time off, which I finally did. Two months later I was getting concerned that I was no more ready to go back to work and needed more than time and medication. My doctor said that hearts take time to heal and to take the time I needed – but what would happen when the money ran out?

I called Huron Hospice and asked Shirley for advice. She suggested attending the Grief Recovery Out-Reach program to deal with some of my losses, but didn’t pressure me about making a decision right then. I called her back a week later, ready to talk to someone.

Yvonne from the Hospice contacted me that day to suggest I meet her at the Seaforth Community Hospital. The next day we met in a ‘quiet’ room where I talked, cried and talked some more. There were no groups running at that time, so Yvonne offered to meet me on a weekly basis, gave me the Grief Recovery handbook, and we started right away. At about the fourth chapter, I started to understand what she said about grief being cumulative; when I realized all of the losses I had been carrying around it was as if a dam had broken in my heart. What a revelation!

This program taught me that grief is “undelivered significant emotional communication”, which I have been able to use at other times. I’m not saying that I don’t hurt any more, but I have learned from Yvonne and the program how to grieve in a healthier way. I’m happy to say that I am back to work. I feel healthier and determined to get the message out. Thanks to Shirley, Yvonne and the hospice volunteers for making this program available. Keep up the good work."

"Since I have completed the Grief Recovery course I feel different than at the beginning of the course. My parent died and I was in a lot of emotional pain. I am now able to feel happiness again; I can remember my parent without as much pain and start to remember more of the good things we had together. Thank you for providing this service, for having such inspirational instructors. They made me feel safe and secure and comfortable to share my stories."

"What was so helpful to me was learning to deal with grief and to accept the 1% responsibility, and how to deal with my emotions and not keep putting them deep inside. I feel at peace with my grief and I feel that I have come away with a better understanding. I appreciated the guidance, closeness, caring and helpfulness of the counsellors."

"The group format worked well for me as I tend to isolate. I am glad there is this opportunity to learn how to grieve. The homework helped me to be accountable to my journey of grief. I am not so fixated on my loss any longer. I no longer feel alone."

“I wish more people would take this course. It has been most helpful and healing.”

“This course has changed my thinking about how I deal with losses. It has been life-changing for me.”

“This course has been a life-changing teaching. I can now use the tools I learned in other relationships in my life.”

“This course has taught me how to respond to others who are hurting in a better way.”

"It is good to know that I am not alone when I have a loss, others experience some of the same things I have too. I am not going crazy.”



“I really like meeting for Rainbows to do the craft, have a story and have my own special journal that is only for me.“

“I like having my own group to talk about things.”
“When I was there I liked how they made you feel ok about talking about your feelings in a group.”

"It was a great program. A huge thank you to the teachers that volunteered their time. It helped my child work on his anger."

“Thank you, this experience has allowed my child to talk about his loss. He is doing much better at school, able to concentrate on his studies since he has had a chance to share his feelings.”


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